A kidney stone put us in the TV business!

Filmstrip History

EVTV began as three friends sought entry into video and TV, when the industry first began. Michael was a writer, a marketing professional who was still making music. When a recording project in Atlanta was “delayed” by a midnight visit to an emergency room, little did he know it would lead to a life-long career in television. Recouping after major surgery to remove the blockage, he joined forces with a childhood acquaintance, a cameraman/editor. Soon, others joined, bringing a plethora of early film, television, music, and theater arts experience to what was dubbed EagleVision- EAGLE to denote an American company, and VISION, for our view of what TV could be.

The eighties moved quickly; EagleVision’s experience, client list and employees grew. So did our families. Soon, we were growing to a 10,000 square foot facility, with a talented staff traveling worldwide to produce video, live events and television programming- at the same time operating a state-of-the-art facility here in the Northeast.

Change came. The Dot-Com era, Y2K, broadcast and corporate consolidations, then, the Internet were challenges to meet. EagleVision. Voted one of the Top 100 Communications and Production Firms in America in 2002 by the Audio-Visual industry, needed to adapt to a new digital age. In 2005, the post-production facilities were sold, and a streamlined EVTV was born. Our development expertise and worldwide production experience began to be focused into new events and documentary opportunities worldwide, with wonderful new clients . EVTV rebuilt more streamlined post-production and editing from our new production offices in the beautiful 1200 High Ridge Road corporate headquarters we now call home.

Today, EVTV produces world-class television and documentaries, alongside web video and communications. In 2011 & 2012, our events portfolio expanded exponentially to include a week of arena staging for 14,000 people a day at World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain, and a 75,000-person outdoor festival at the historic Los Angeles Coliseum. In 2013, EVTV completed its first theatrical length program , “Healing Haiti’s Children”. Produced entirely on location in Haiti over a three-year period,the program will debut at film festivals worldwide in 2014, and in theaters and on worldwide television in 2015.

1,000 television, video and web programs; 500 live events, concerts and webcasts; 40 industry awards, the blessings of so many wonderful clients and projects, and a career later, the next generation of media creators has joined EVTV. Their youthful vigor and social media prowess, side by side with valued long-time employees and world-class production experience enables EVTV to continue to follow our VISION, to reach new and far horizons.

We’re not ashamed to say we’re so very grateful for the opportunities, and the relationships God has put in our path. Thank you for choosing EVTV!

To the future...

The Producers and Staff of EVTV

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