Corporate Meetings & Events

EVTV has produced nearly five hundred corporate events since its inception in 1984. Creativity and extensive resources in staging, set design, sound, lighting, video, projection and event management are the hallmarks of an EVTV-produced event. Conferences, National Sales and Annual Meetings, Incentives, Conventions- from 50-10,000 people; EVTV has produced in all major convention and meeting areas and venues nationwide. EVTV produces, allowing our clients to concentrate on their priorities and event details.

Michelle Obama "Drink Up" Campaign

First Lady Michelle Obama and leaders in the bottled water industry gathered in, none other than Watertown, Wisconsin to debut the nationwide Partnership for a Healthier America's "Drink Up" campaign. EVTV was there...

Austin Summit Web Clip

EVTV-taped and distributed video on new Pope Francis, taped for Summit of Religion editors nationwide.

Bayer Global Forum


Example of live staged event with international webcast and videoconferencing technologies.


Complete Event Staging

EVTV works alongside your events team, taking responsibility for all details relating to technical staging, creative presentations, events graphics, screen-savers, as well as speaker support, breakout room audio-visual support, themed party sound, lighting, digital signage and other media requirements. Single source of contact and accountability provides ease of coordination and post-event reconciliation.

Behind The Scenes Guadalupe Celebration

EVTV-produced highlights of historic 75,000-person outdoor Guadalupe Festival honoring Our Lady at Los Angeles Coliseum.

"World Youth Day" Making Of

EVTV-produced backgrounder on week-long arena production in Madrid, Spain during World Youth Day.

Large Scale Conferences

An all-services highlight demo from years ago featuring Gartner U.S. and European Symposium events, produced by EVTV.

Live & Videotaped Presentations

An important function of any live event is videotape. Presentations being delivered "live" can be taped for later editing and distribution throughout an organization- to constituent groups, those not attending the event, even to customers- via the web, 1:1 video, DVD, webcasts, mobile media and other means. An excellent way of disseminating information. Pre-produced videos easily become rolled-in content for the events as well, supporting the live presentations delivered on-stage. EVTV has a full compliment of video resources to pre-produce for and post-produce following a live meeting or event.

Colin Powell Keynote

EVTV live events expertise extends to high-ranking officials and celebrating keynote production.

Masterminds Panel

High-powered industry leaders, produced by EVTV, add expert insight to corporate meetings and conferences.

Nestlé National Sales Meeting

EVTV production allows meeting planners to tend to the minutiae of detail in planning live events, with full confidence their show and AV are in capable hands.

Concerts & Performances

EVTV was founded by music and live performance veterans over thirty years ago. We’ve worked with many of music’s legendary performers and venues over the years, producing memorable concerts in theaters, arenas, concert halls, churches and coliseums around the world, many of them produced for PBS and other networks, and for home video on DVD. Our sensitivity to the needs of artists and performers is exceeded only by our reputation for producing excellent, memorable experiences for both attendee and artist alike.

Pop Legends Live! (Johnny Maestro)

Late Brooklyn bridle song stylist at Stamfords' Palace Theater in EVTV production.

Vanessa Williams "I Wonder as I Wander"

PBS Christmas special featuring Vanessa Williams, Michael McDonald, David Sanborn and Ozzie Davis with Rob Mathes.

Pedro Fernandez in Concert

International superstar and Grammy winning singer/performer at the Guadalupe Festival in L.A.

Arena & Coliseum Events

EVTV has successfully produced events recently in Las Vegas, Madrid, Rome and Los Angeles in arena and coliseum environments, managing and meeting the demanding specifications of these massive multi-segment events. Working with local crews, unions and a host of specialty providers, EVTV's experience of over thirty years, attention to detail and protocol provides event sponsors with a level of confidence that helps ensure the unmatched success of these large events.

KofC in Mexico Event Opener

EVTV can produce simple celebrity endorsements and testimonials for all programs.

Guadalupe Celebration Highlight Video

EVTV, as event producers, managed all facets of this 75,000 person outdoor event at the venerable Los Angeles Coliseum.

Cardinal Dolan - Catholic Mass for 14,000

EVTV produces an unprecedented Madrid event with 300 clergy and 14,000 faithful as part of World Youth Day 2011 celebration.

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