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Many companies with sales between $5 Million and $500 Million - industrials, service firms, new brands, on-line and traditional retail organizations to name a few, need campaigns and simply projects to help grow their business. EVTV is a non-traditional alternative suitable for those who do not choose to use conventional marketing or advertising agencies but seek creative execution and measurement for their promotions, marketing and advertising.

This extends to branded campaigns and internal employee communications initiatives as well.

The “new” economy demands creativity in marketing, communications and advertising, but with a realization of the economic pressures most business are operating under.

EVTV brings thirty-years experience developing advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns, TV and radio spots, website video, websites, internal , external even print communications - a true multimedia “Idea” agency.

We are available for pitches and no-obligation consultations, and available to clients without monthly retainers, exorbitant creative fees, yet full creative and production capabilities – at half the cost of New York City agencies.

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