EVTV loves the documentary form. Storytelling is at the core of our creativity- and our vision for what the best in programming should do- inform, build-up and relate the shared experiences of humanity for the ages.


We've handled subjects as diverse as "American Masters" "Jack Paar: As I Was Saying"- an entertainment on the originator of the talk show and late-night TV for PBS- the highest-rated documentary in this award-winning series; "From Benedict to Benedict" and "My Brothers' Keeper" for the Knights of Columbus on EWTN and as the first western program to debut at the Capitoline Museum in Rome; "And the World Sat idly By"- a heartwrenching expose on famine in Ethiopia shown to President George Bush at the White House. In 2014, our documentary four years in the making, "Healing Haiti's Children" will debut in festivals and theatres worldwide.


Healing Haiti's Children: Trailer

Promotional trailer for EVTV-produced documentary "Healing Haiti's Children" debuting in 2014.

"From Benedict to Benedict" Opener

Opening segment from broadcast documentary on Knights of Columbus 90th anniversary in Rome supporting the work of the Church; produced by EVTV.

A Small Town Remembers: Joseph Lieberman Excerpt

Interview excerpt of Joseph Lieberman from EVTV production of "Stamford: A Small Town Remembers" which debuts in 2014.


Series work is always in development and production at EVTV. We develop and pitch ideas, produce and deliver pilots and series to selected cable networks. 


"Windows On the World" aired in several provinces of China, bringing personalities and success stories to millions in the developing areas. "Grays Sporting Journal", a nineteen-part outdoor series adapted from the award-winning sporting magazine of the same name, brought the outdoor experience to viewers of the Outdoor Life Network (NBC Sports). For Kultur International, the company was retained to author a library of opera and music titles for television and the home video market. EVTV has contributed to several "Biography" episodes in the long-running series on A & E.


Recently, EVTV produced the pilot for "Rockin Road Grill", an exciting cable series featuring food, travel and music, being presented to selected U.S. cable nets. It's tongue-in-cheek expose on the world of tennis clubs in affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut- "Racquets" was pitched to Comedy Central.


Series' in development include "Chronicles"- a weekly half hour global news forum of stories and inspiring subjects including the debut episode, "Madre de Dios", shedding light on the increasing appearances and influence of Mary, Mother of God, on both faithful and agnostic around the world.


Rockin' Road Grill: Sizzle

What happens when you take a former 80s techno rocker, who happens to be an accomplished chef; put him on the road in a souped-up RV and have him visit great sites around America where he can cook and play music with America’s best musicians? A love of music, food, people and travel. It’s the Rock’n Road Grill. Coming to a cable network near you soon!

Series Show Open (GSJ)

Outdoor Life Network (NBC Sports). Series produced by EVTV.

Gray's Sporting Journal 102

Episodic outdoor series produced by EVTV. Features Quail hunting in Montana.

Entertainment/Home Video


Increasingly digitally delivered by download and DVD, EVTV has had dozens of titles distributed over the years by the likes of Time Life,  BMG Music, Universal, PBS, Kultur, Vision and many others.


Concerts, documentaries, specialty programming, ethics and values;  where there is an audience, EVTV will structure a direct sale, distributor or consumer delivery platform to avail customers of the programs we produce.


60s Pop Rock Reunion Promo

Legendary sixties hit-makers in live HDTV concert produced for PBS from Cleveland, Ohio; Time-Life DVD + CD.

PBS American Masters: Jack Paar

Broadcast documentary production. Highest rated program in series.

Christmas is Coming Promo

Doobie Brothers' Michael MacDonald in Rob Mathes-arranged "Go Tell it on the Mountain" from PBS concert promo.

Commercial Spots


EVTV brings value to clients seeking effective short-form programming. Commercials, promos, informercials, informationals and infotainment- for television, cable, digital, websites and other avenues , is a staple of our production and idea agency business.


Throuhgout the years, we’ve produced hundreds of spots that have aired on virtually every network, as well as optimized for web, mobile and other digital delivery platforms.

From storyboard to air, EVTV works with our clients to ensure their message is being delivered to the exact audience it’s intended for. With resources in HDTV, film and video, with complete casting, talent, production, music and sound, the EVTV value proposition is exceptional.


Renewable Resources: 30sec Spot

Solar company Renewable Resources retains EVTV to create an effective TV commercial campaign to support their efforts in reaching customers in SW Connecticut through a television campaign.

Marts Oil ABC Spot (:30) Spot 2

Television commercial spot produced by EVTV, shot in HDTV using green-screen production technique.

Hop Energy Commercial Spot (:30)

Humorous take on home-oil delivery in TV commercial spot produced by EVTV - "Hogging The Dog".



EVTV has produced many feature-length programs for television, cable, home, event and airline viewing. This year, our first theatrical length documentary- “Healing Haiti’s Children”- the heroic telling of post-earthquake rebuilding in Haiti,  is being released worldwide following its debut at film festivals around the world including  Berlin, Tribeca and others.


The company has several feature-length films in various stages of research, screenwriting and development- the next frontier for the little company that could, and continues to do so- thirty years after its founding.


Brian Bill Tribute


Capitoline Museum Exhibit Video


PB "Time Capsule"




It’s often been said that a kidney stone gave birth to EVTV, and its predecessor comoany EagleVision, Inc.. We admit this to be true!


One of EVTVs founders, Senior writer producer Michael Macari, did indeed found EagleVision following a hospital stay that effectively ended his own music career. Since then, the company has had the privilege of bringing dozens of music shows, concerts and other entertainment to screens worldwide.


Yanni at Mandaly Bay for Producer/Director George Veras, 60s Pop Rock Reunion with many retro stars, Christmas Is Coming featuring talented songwriter arranger Rob Mathes along with Vanessa Williams, Doobie Brother’s’ Michael MacDonald and David Sanborn; Judy Collins, many legends from rock’s early years, Grammy-winning Mexican artist Alexander Acha and multiple artists in concert in Madrid, Spain during World Youth Day 2011; and international Latin sensation Pedro Fernandez;  these are but some of the musical experieinces brought to viewers and listeners through the efforts of EVTV.


EVTV has several live concert events for television in development, including a soon-to-be-announced broadcast special and tour for PBS in 2015.


Guadalupe Celebration Highlight Video

EVTV, as event producers, managed all facets of this 75,000 person outdoor event at the venerable Los Angeles Coliseum.

L'Angelus in Concert

EVTV HDTV production from Madrid, Spain arena.

Alexander Acha in Concert

EVTV arena concert production in Madrid, Spain. Grammy-winning Mexican artist; live event production in HDTV.

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