We're "Idea" Agents - The Next Generation Video and TV Producers for the Web and Beyond

The "new" economy demands creativity in marketing, communications and advertising, but with a realization of the economic pressures most business are operating under. EVTV brings thirty years experience developing advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns, TV and radio spots, website video, websites, internal, external even print communications- a true multimedia "Idea" agency. We are available for pitches and no-obligation consultations, and available to clients without monthly retainers, exhorbitant creative fees, yet full creative and production capabilities – at half the cost of New York City agencies.


Ulbrich Manufacturing called on EVTV to produce a new video for their website. EVTV designed "We Deliver Precision" to align with the main strategy of their business.

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Solar company Renewable Resources retains EVTV to create an effective TV commercial campaign to support their efforts in reaching customers in SW Connecticut through a television campaign.

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Professional Network Broadcast Commercials


Global mailing systems leader Pitney Bowes renewed a 30 year relationship with EVTV. EVTV designed an internal share-point communications campaign and format which included coordinating shoots in India, the UK, Canada and the US, at a fraction of the cost of sending crews. The series debuted last month reinforcing their client-led culture to employees worldwide.

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Pitney Bowes Web Marketing Video

Videos Are Going to the Web

The Internet provides unprecedented opportunities to disseminate information, communications and programming. Programs of every conceivable type are being distributed via the web, available for download on mobile devices and shared via email.


Increasingly, robust videos are a "must" on corporate websites and for employee communications distributed via intranets.


EVTV's expertise in video for the web began in the early 90's, with the development of the internet itself. From programs, to web links, to full webcasting solutions; hosting and website development itself, let EVTV be the resource you count on daily to support your web video efforts.

Michelle Obama "Drink Up" Campaign Powerful Brand Portfolio Sweet Leaf Tea POP Reel

HDTV Production

EVTV deploys equipment specifically tailored to the level and quality of our clients individual projects. We shoot with a variety of HDTV cameras, lenses and supporting equipment- Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Ikegami and others with Fujinon, Arri and other broadcast and specialty lenses. Full compliments of lighting and grip, from theatrical trucks to location lighting and sound packages in a variety of HDTV formats. Complete video support for television, web, theatrical, mobile applications and video projects.

RED Cameras & EquipmentARRI Cameras & EquipmentFUJINON Cameras & EquipmentJVC Cameras & Equipment
PANASONIC Cameras & EquipmentSONY Cameras & EquipmentBlack Magic Design Cameras & Equipment

Crews & Equipment

At EVTV, we deploy the RIGHT crew for your project. From a nimble two-man ENG crew gathering b-roll, to full HDTV crews for large-scale video projects, to the hundreds of staffers and crews needed to produce large-scale arena and live events, EVTV brings thirty years experieince and resources in every state – worldwide as well- to your project.

For more information on booking your next crew please call us at 203.359.8777 or email us at info@evtv.net!

Professional Video Crews & EquipmentProfessional Video Crews & EquipmentProfessional Video Crews & EquipmentProfessional Video Crews & Equipment


Tell the Story You Want

EVTV maintains extensive resources and in-house services to support production, editing, graphics, web support, file and program distribution and the day-to-day needs of our customers.

Our full menu of services includes:

  • Digital video editing in Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid.
  • Videotape editing, supporting most formats.
  • Sound and voice-over recording.
  • Music licensing, mixing and scoring.
  • Graphics and special effects.
  • International language translations.
  • Formats and file conversions.
  • Website and web video support.
  • Encoding and compression in Windows Media, Flash, MPEG, QuickTime, MP4 and other formats.
  • File output to DVD, CD, hard drive and FTP uploading.
  • DVD or Blue-Ray authoring, menu creation.
  • Multimedia and PowerPoint Support.
  • DVD, CD, Blue-Ray, and HD-DVD duplication and high-volume replication.
  • Tape output and delivery in any format.
  • Custom labeling and packaging.

We offer prompt professional services at very competitive rates. 24 hour and same-day service is available to clients as well.

Corporate & Executive Communications

Since 1984, EVTV producers have assisted CEO, VPs and other corporate communicators in over 1,100 video, film and webcast programs; effectively reaching their audiences- internal and external, with important, timely and professionally-produced media, messages and presentations. We use every method of delivery at our disposal to deliver results for our customers.

CEO Retirement Video

A commemorative video for Nestlé CEO Kim Jeffery culled from dozens of employee testimonials.

PB - Award Winning Customer Service

Case History on winning in the marketplace through excellence in customer service.

Frontier's Got Talent

Compilation video on contest results distributed to employees nationwide.

Marketing & Sales

Businesses seeking to grow come to EVTV, not simply for our production expertise, but our marketing and sales knowledge. Thirty years and over 500 marketing and sales programs, sales meetings and the like. We're expert marketeers who can bring a level of consultative edge to your initiative.


Integrated marketing, investor relations and presentation video produced by EVTV for up and coming medical products manufacturer. Includes EVTV-produced 3D skin animation and other product photography for client website and presentation use. Initially produced for European investor conference February 2013.

TWT POP REEL (40sec final)

In-kitchen demonstration of new Tradewinds tea product produced by EVTV for in-store point-of-purchase display promotion in Costco and BJs Wholesale Clubs nationwide.

Away from Home Series "Category Investment"

EVTV produced corporate video production showcasing home and office delivery divisional investment in attracting customers.

Web-Site Development

Let EVTV web developers, copywriters, graphics artists, photo and video experts design your new or updated website. Working alongside SEO specialists, programming and e-commerce specialty resources we've cultivated, EVTV may just be the cost-effective, creative option you've been looking for.

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